What you need to know about Carpet Flooring by Carpet Installers Sacramento

Want to renovate the flooring of your house? Have you considered switching to carpet flooring? While hardwood is the most popular flooring choice, carpet is still used by many homeowners. Carpet flooring is a cheaper alternative and it is widely installed in high traffic areas of a house.

You can choose different types of carpets available in a variety of fibres and color choices. The right type of carpet will improve the appearance of your house and provide comfort to everyone. We have gathered different types of carpets floors just for you! You can buy high-end carpet flooring from Zothex Flooring, a Carpet Stores in Sacramento. Here are different types of carpet flooring--.

Types of Carpets. To select the right carpet for your home, you must have a thorough understanding of its different types Always choose a floor which fits well with the home decor or theme of your home.

Discussed below are 5 different types of carpets--

Texture--. A textured carpet has smooth surfaces and gives a traditional look to your home. Also known as Saxony or Cut Pile Carpet, it is best suitable for high traffic areas.

Berber--. Also called the Loop carpet, it is a durable carpet option for high traffic areas of a house. It is also resistant to pet claws.

Frieze--. This type of carpet is suitable for bedrooms, sitting rooms, and media rooms. It offers a casual and stylish look with maximum durability. It is also called twist carpet.

Pattern--. It is also known as cut and loop or sculpted carpet. It is visually appealing and hence suitable for offices, dining rooms, and other formal rooms.

Always choose a carpet installers Sacramento which offers maximum stability. If you have pets and children, go for stain-resistant carpets.

Types of Carpet fibres. Carpets are made of fibre which are durable and fade and stain-resistant. Below are five types of carpet fibres--.

Polyester--. Polyester fibre carpet offers a luxurious look and comes in a variety of colors. It is stain resistant and the does not fade easily.

Nylon--. This type of fibre is highly durable and stain-resistant. It is suitable for homes with pets and children.

Olefin--. An olefin is an affordable option with better stain and moisture resistance power. But, it is not as heavy-duty as nylon and polyester.

Wool--. Wool fibre carpets are naturally soil resistant and offer an attractive look.

Triexta--. This fibre is made of 39% corn sugar and has an extremely soft texture. . Types of Carpet Coloring.

Carpets are available in a variety of colors and textures. The fibres are dyed in two different methods as follow--.

Surface dyed carpet--. Surface dyed carpets are traditionally dyed carpets in which the color is directly applied to the outside portion of the fibres. It offers more color variety but is not resistant to stain.

Solution-dyed carpet--. A solution-dyed carpet is dyed when the synthetic fibres are in liquid form. This provides an even color to the carpet.